Ministry of Justice – Confirmation that the memorial is immovable

Ministry of Justice - Confirmation that the memorial is immovable

Has the Ministry of Justice chosen to completely abrogate its responsibilities towards this glorious memorial coming up to the 100th anniversary of WW1? Its intention to “build in a condition to the sales contract which will preserve the memorial” seems to pass the buck – meaning the future of the memorial relies on the resilience of a local authority deprived of funds and investment, and with a poor track record of looking after its heritage. This is an unlisted building – it would be a straightforward process, gaining planning permission to redevelop the site – especially when the offer of 106 money is on the table.

Can the Lord Chancellor, Chris Grayling MP, and the ministry really guarantee its preservation? If so why go to the apparently wasteful procedure of relocating, AT THE PUBLIC’S EXPENSE, the OTHER memorials currently located in the building, but which can be lifted off the wall? No, it seems to many that they must acknowledge the element of risk to them to go to such extremes. The Lord Chancellor refuses to address these points, which were put to him and the Ministry several weeks ago now.


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