A Land Fit For Heroes

A Land Fit For Heroes

A Land Fit For Heroes

A painting by artist Steve Shaw – donated to prevent the violation of 498 heroes of the First World War.

How will the fallen heroes of 2010s be remembered 100 years from now? Will the enormity of their sacrifice be devalued too?

Said Steve: “I wanted to show the lie that they laid down their lives for a better life,a brave new world,and i want them to feel proud that we have taken the baton and are trying our best to carry on their legacy,but in my opinion this is a backwards step.It’s like desecrating the cenotaph,and their memory along with it.”

Would you like to make a donation either in kind or cash?

You can do so in one of the following ways –

In kind donations or cheque (made payable to Fenton Community Association) –

Glenn Parkes
Fenton Community Association
The Manse, Temple Street
Fenton, Stoke-on-Trent

At Paypal – send funds to email address info@fentontown.org.uk

By Bank Transfer – Account no. is 38699532 Sort code is 01-05-27.

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