Limited access to Fenton’s WW1 memorial

Limited access to Fenton's WW1 memorial

As you can see, the MoJ have agreed to allow the community access to the memorial albeit on an extremely restrictive basis this Remembrance Sunday.

The community of Fenton feels this dictatorial response by the Ministry is unfair and unnecessary not least as many relatives would like to record their ancestor’s names on the memorial for their own personal archives.

The following is from an article on the MoJ’s website

“Custodians of war memorials which are not currently accessible to the public
are recommended to consider implementing appropriate access arrangements.
These should be convenient to both them and any member of the public who
may have a interest in the war memorial. ”

It seems this is fine as long as the arrangements are appropriate and convenient to the MoJ only.

We hope to fill Fenton’s square with people from Stoke-on-Trent and beyond on Sunday 10th between 10am and 3pm when we hope as many people as possible take the opportunity to get a look at Fenton’s splendid and unique memorial to the Great War.

Albert Square can be found by typing in the postcode ST43AD on your satnav. And any help you can give disseminating this information would be most appreciated.


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